• 05-26/2024
    Stainless steel luminous characters, also known as lightbox characters, especially stainless steel lightbox characters, not only have the metallic texture of stainless steel characters, but also have the lighting, beautification, and decoration effects of acrylic luminous characters. The beautification, labeling, and advertising effects are particularly good, making them the mainstream of metal character derivative products at present.
  • 05-24/2024
    One thing to consider is whether the mechanical structure design is reasonable and durable, and whether it can meet the demand for batch high-strength lettering. As a professional metal cutting and processing equipment, the bending machine's job is to collide, cut, and bend metals. In fact, it requires the equipment to have good durability. The purpose of purchasing this equipment is to achieve large-scale, large-scale, fast and accurate handwriting, therefore the stability and ease of maintenance of the mechanical structure design are crucial. If the mechanical design is not strong enough and users are unable to perform simple maintenance on their own, maintenance during later use will become the biggest problem that equipment will encounter in future work. There are many manufacturers on the market who make their equipment very flashy on the casing, but the main reason is that the mechanical heart part is not allowed to be further observed by customers due to technical confidentiality, and the main reason is that the mechanical part cannot withstand scrutiny. If you choose these immature devices, it means that everyone is acting as a perfect test object for the equipment. Choosing a poorly designed surround word machine means that you will spend most of your time on equipment maintenance. Secondly, it depends on whether the design of the control software is easy to operate, user-friendly, and efficient. The software control system is the soul of the bending machine and the neural control center that commands the mechanical part to complete specific actions; The rationality and convenience of software design determine the accuracy and efficiency of this bending machine processing. The various user-friendly settings in the bending machine software, such as intelligent interference inspection, angle opening, angle forming accuracy control, automatic intelligent compensation of inner and outer contour lengths, and other convenient and practical functions, are very important. Three things to consider: the match between machinery and software. With good mechanical components and comprehensive control software, if it cannot be matched reasonably, this device cannot be called an intelligent CNC device. There are many typesetting machines on the market that have encountered many instability issues in practical applications, such as inconsistent feeding, improper bending, and inaccurate tool pitch. These are all reasons for the lack of coordination between the software and mechanical parts of the equipment. Four things to consider: the manufacturer's technical training support and after-sales service. Compared to other mature advertising equipment, the bending machine industry has a relatively short time on the market, and various manufacturers do not have mature manufacturing experience to follow. This inevitably requires manufacturers to provide one-on-one training to customers for the products they sell. Many manufacturers do not provide adequate training and service to customers during the sales process, resulting in significant waste for customers who have equipment but cannot fully utilize its functions. Fully automatic CNC machinery has become a manual production tool. Therefore, when choosing a bending machine, the manufacturer's technical training support and after-sales service are also extremely important..
  • 05-22/2024
    Short service life of LED: The theoretical service life of LED produced by regular manufacturers is generally around 80000 hours. Solution: Purchase qualified LED single chips produced by legitimate manufacturers (with quality parameter specifications provided by the manufacturer), and make your own module. Do not covet cheap purchases of single LED chips or pre made modules in the electronic market. It should be clear how many resistors are installed on the module, and it is best not to use a module with only one resistor installed. The resistor plays a current limiting role in the module, making it easy to generate heat. If used continuously for a long time, once the resistor burns out, the module will not light up.
  • 05-20/2024
    LED luminous characters are luminous fonts made using light-emitting diodes as light sources
  • 05-19/2024
    There are usually three reasons why the laser tube of a laser cutting machine does not emit light: first, the laser tube suddenly does not emit light; second, the light using the laser tube becomes weaker and weaker; finally, everything starts working normally; the next day, the laser cutting machine starts up and there is no light.
  • 05-17/2024
    ​In the traditional fabric industry, the cutting and cutting process usually relies on manual tools or traditional cutting machines. However, with the advancement of technology, a new cutting technology - laser cutting - has gradually entered our sight. This technology, with its efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly characteristics, is changing the production mode of the fabric industry.
  • 05-15/2024
    ​Acrylic, commonly known as organic glass, is widely used in the handicraft industry.Acrylic materials have the characteristics of high transparency, strong hardness, and good wear resistance, and are widely used in industries such as advertising, electronics, decoration, and toys.Usually, manufacturers carve various patterns on acrylic and cut it into modules of various shapes.
  • 05-13/2024
    ​With the continuous strength of the laser industry, more and more industries are using fiber laser cutting machines, which are professional equipment for cutting metal materials. A fiber laser cutting machine requires a lot of accessories, and different accessories also have different advantages.
  • 05-11/2024
    The working principle of a laser cutting machine is to irradiate the material surface with a high-energy laser beam, causing the material to quickly melt, evaporate, or reach the ignition point. At the same time, high-speed airflow blows away the melted or burned material, thereby achieving cutting. In this process, the accuracy and stability of the laser beam have a crucial impact on the cutting quality.

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