What are the important components of fiber laser cutting machines


With the continuous strength of the laser industry, more and more industries are using fiber laser cutting machines, which are professional equipment for cutting metal materials. A fiber laser cutting machine requires a lot of accessories, and different accessories also have different advantages.

The main accessories of fiber laser cutting machine include: fiber laser, control system, servo motor, laser head, laser lens, etc.

Laser Cutting Machine

1. Fiber laser: equivalent to the heart of a laser cutting machine, it is the core component of the laser cutting machine. The quality of fiber lasers directly affects the cutting performance and quality of laser cutting machines.

2. Control system: equivalent to the brain of a fiber laser cutting machine, it controls the movement of the X/Y/Z axis and the output power of the laser. A better, easy-to-use, user-friendly, and multifunctional combination operating system directly affects the performance of fiber laser cutting machines.

3. Servo motor: plays a role in controlling machine operations in servo systems. A good servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy, positioning speed, and repeated positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

4. Laser head: It is the output device of a fiber laser cutting machine, consisting of a nozzle, focusing lens, and focusing system. Under the control of the control system and machine tool movement, the nozzle moves along the cutting trajectory to cut metal materials.

5. Laser lenses: play an important role in laser systems and are related to the power of laser cutting machines. The price difference between domestically produced and imported lenses is significant, and their service life and effectiveness are also significant. They can be selected according to different requirements for laser cutting quality.

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