Product testing center

Our laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, and bending machine products undergo rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art testing center. We believe that testing is an essential part of our manufacturing process, ensuring that our machines meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our testing center is equipped with advanced testing equipment, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), spectroscopic analyzers, and hardness testers. These machines allow us to thoroughly test and analyze the performance of our laser cutting, laser welding, and bending machines.

Laser Cutting Machine Testing

Our laser cutting machines undergo various tests, including precision and accuracy tests, cutting speed and path tests, and endurance tests. These tests ensure that our machines are capable of delivering precise and accurate cuts, operate efficiently at high speeds and volumes, and have a long lifespan.

Laser Welding Machine Testing

Our laser welding machines undergo tests that evaluate their welding strength, accuracy, and speed. We also use spectroscopic analyzers to ensure that our machines produce high-quality welds and that the welds’ composition meets industry standards.

Bending Machine Testing

Our bending machines undergo tests that evaluate their precision, accuracy, and bending angle consistency. We use CMMs to ensure that the final product meets the required specifications.

After completing the testing process, our qualified engineers and technicians analyze and evaluate the results to determine whether our machines meet our stringent quality standards. Any machines that do not meet our standards undergo further testing and modifications until they meet our high-quality standards.

At our testing center, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive testing process, which ensures that our laser cutting, laser welding, and bending machines meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe that our commitment to testing is crucial in delivering high-quality machines that our customers can rely on for many years of use.


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