Acrylic cutting - CO2 laser cutting machine


Acrylic, commonly known as organic glass, is widely used in the handicraft industry.Acrylic materials have the characteristics of high transparency, strong hardness, and good wear resistance, and are widely used in industries such as advertising, electronics, decoration, and toys.Usually, manufacturers carve various patterns on acrylic and cut it into modules of various shapes.The traditional method of processing acrylic often requires the use of mechanical cutting tools, but this processing method requires manual operation, is time-consuming and inefficient, and is also prone to producing edge burrs or surface damage. Therefore, when the demand for acrylic materials increases significantly, insufficient processing efficiency and quality become bottlenecks.

The laser cutting machine breaks the limitations of traditional processing methods, and its cutting work is completely controlled by computer programs, which can quickly complete cutting work according to customer needs. At the same time, laser cutting machines can maintain high accuracy during cutting, avoiding the generation of burrs or surface damage, and can also cut materials into various forms, providing customers with personalized products.

Laser Cutting Machine

The characteristics of CO2 cutting machines include:

1. It has the functions of cutting, carving, and scanning, and can be used for multiple purposes.

2. Support USB function, Y drive can exchange files with the motherboard, run completely offline, and achieve file sharing to improve work efficiency.

3. By applying ultra-fine cutting technology, the cutting accuracy can reach 1.00mm, making the cutting surface smoother.

4. Equipped with a spot shooting function, it can accurately move the laser head to the position we need.

5. It is possible to set the operation of moving borders.

6. All lenses used in the optical system are imported laser lenses, reducing laser losses.

7. Complete power outage continuation function, which can achieve good graphic connection when powered on after power outage.

With the continuous growth of demand for acrylic materials, the application prospects of acrylic laser cutting machines will also become increasingly broad. As one of the key technologies in emerging industries, the development of laser processing technology will continue to drive innovation and progress in this field.

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