What should I do if the cutting surface of a laser cutting machine is not smooth?


Adjust cutting parameters:

Improper parameter settings such as laser power, cutting speed, and focal length may result in rough cutting surfaces. Adjustments should be made to the appropriate range based on material type and thickness. Excessive or insufficient laser power can affect cutting quality. Excessive power may cause material overheating, melting, or burning, while insufficient power may result in incomplete cutting.


Ensure that the laser beam is focused:

Improper focusing of the laser beam on the material can also lead to a decrease in cutting quality. It is necessary to check and adjust the focal length of the laser head to ensure laser focus.


Use appropriate auxiliary gas and adjust its flow rate:

Insufficient purity or improper flow rate setting of auxiliary gases (such as oxygen and nitrogen) used during laser cutting can affect the removal of slag during the cutting process, resulting in rough cutting surfaces. Suitable auxiliary gases should be selected based on material characteristics and process requirements, and their flow rate should be adjusted.


Inspect and clean mechanical and optical components:

If the optical lenses, cutting heads, or moving parts of the laser cutting machine are contaminated, worn, or calibrated incorrectly, it will directly affect the cutting quality. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.


Optimize cutting configuration:

Optimize cutting configuration based on material characteristics, such as for materials with thicker surface coatings or oxide layers, surface treatment can be carried out first to improve cutting efficiency.


Update software and firmware:

The control software and firmware issues of the laser cutting machine may also lead to poor cutting. Check and update to the new version to ensure the accuracy of the algorithm and control signals.


Check the working environment:

Dust, temperature, and humidity in the working environment may also affect cutting quality. Keep the environment clean and control suitable temperature and humidity conditions.


Consider material selection and pretreatment:

Choose materials suitable for laser cutting and avoid using materials that contain high reflectivity or volatile components. For materials with thick surface coatings or oxide layers, surface treatment can be carried out first to improve cutting efficiency.


Check and adjust equipment:

If problems such as mechanical vibration, nozzle blockage, and optical path deviation are found in the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to check and adjust the equipment in a timely manner to ensure that it is in good working condition.

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