How to adjust the edge inspection speed of a laser cutting machine?


In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, laser cutting technology has won the favor of many manufacturers due to its high precision and efficiency. In the process of laser cutting, adjusting the edge inspection speed is a crucial technical detail, which directly affects cutting efficiency, quality, and the service life of the equipment


1The importance of edge patrol speed

Edge patrol speed is the speed at which the laser head moves along the edge of the workpiece during the cutting process of the laser cutting machine. It directly affects the efficiency and quality of cutting. Too fast edge inspection speed may lead to a decrease in cutting quality, such as uneven edges, burning, and other phenomena; A slow speed may increase cutting time and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, adjusting the edge inspection speed reasonably is the key to achieving laser cutting machine cutting.


2How to adjust the edge patrol speed

Understanding material properties: Different materials have different absorption and thermal conductivity for lasers, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate edge inspection speed based on the characteristics of the materials. For example, for materials with poor thermal conductivity, the edge inspection speed can be appropriately reduced to ensure cutting quality.

Adjusting processing parameters: The processing parameters of the laser cutting machine include laser power, cutting speed, focal length, etc., which are closely related to the edge inspection speed. By adjusting these parameters, the edge patrol speed can be indirectly affected. For example, increasing laser power can improve cutting speed, but it may also be necessary to reduce the edge inspection speed appropriately to ensure cutting quality.

Optimizing gas ratio: In the laser cutting process, the ratio of auxiliary gases can also affect the edge inspection speed. For example, increasing oxygen appropriately can improve cutting speed, but excessive oxygen may cause material burning. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the gas ratio according to the actual situation to achieve satisfactory cutting results.

Adjusting the cutting head: The offset, focal length, and other parameters of the cutting head can also affect the edge inspection speed. By adjusting these parameters, the focusing position of the laser beam on the workpiece can be changed, thereby affecting the edge inspection speed. It should be noted that when adjusting the cutting head, it is important to ensure its stability and accuracy to avoid affecting the cutting quality.


3Precautions for adjusting edge patrol speed

When adjusting the patrol speed, the first thing to ensure is the safe operation of the equipment. During the adjustment process, it is important to closely monitor the operating status of the equipment and promptly identify and handle any abnormal situations.

Comprehensive consideration: When adjusting the edge inspection speed, multiple factors such as material characteristics, processing parameters, gas ratio, and cutting head should be comprehensively considered. By continuously optimizing these parameters, find the appropriate edge patrol speed.

Regular maintenance: Laser cutting machines are high-precision equipment that require regular maintenance and upkeep. By regularly replacing vulnerable parts and cleaning optical components, the normal operation and stability of the equipment can be ensured, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of edge inspection speed adjustment.

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